Flythrough animation of concept design proposal

Please find below the short animation that shows the current concept design in a more 3-dimensional form. This was shown at the event on 18 January. Do please note that the way in which the buildings sink and rise is for communication purposes only and not indicative of the way in which development will happen or the nature of any phasing.

I’m aware that people may have already submitted feedback on the concept design. Of course, should seeing this film give you further reflections, please do send these to me. As I continue to emphasise, the date by which feedback is requested is a request – allowing me to get a good body of local opinion back to the architects as they embark on earnest consideration of detailed designs –  and not a cut-off point. I continue to feedback to them on a daily basis.

Thank you! Daisy (; 020 7739 9950)

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Concept designs and feedback form for Peckham Rye Station

This link will take you to the full concept design display shown at the public consultation event at Rye Lane Baptist Chapel yesterday:  concept design display boards

The event was extremely well attended, with approximately 280 people giving their time to discuss the designs.

Here is a pdf of the feedback form: concept design feedback form. Please note that the form is NOT interactive. The simplest way to respond is to type your answers directly into the body of an email to me (address below) or, as many people have done, type directly onto the pdf in your pdf reader software and email me that. Whatever works best for you. 

If you haven’t already contributed, please do send your views to me at . Feedback from the first focused phase of consultation proved very helpful to the design team. We hope that responses this time round will be equally so. (We also make sure that any opinions or ideas that don’t relate directly to the architects’ work are shared with the client team.)

Although contributions are welcome on an ongoing basis, and will continue to be fed back to the architects, it would be great if you are able to respond to me by end Sunday 26 January in order to directly inform the first draft of the concept design report as design work gets underway. Many thanks!

As ever, please do contact me directly with questions or comments. It’s possible that emails end up in Junk, so if you don’t hear from me please do feel free to chase me on 020 7739 9950 or via this blog.

(Nb. We also showed a ‘fly-through’ visualisation of the outline scheme yesterday and I’m hoping to try and get that upon the blog too if we can get it in an appropriate format.)

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Findings report from first focused stage of design consultation

Here is a link to the report prepared for the design team that summarises the findings from initial ‘pre-design’ consultation at the end of 2013.

pre design design consultation report

Please note, this is not a ‘posh’ report! It is a file note prepared for the design team. But with some additional introductory sections to explain its aims and contents to an external audience.

Reference copies of the report will be available to view at the events that form part of the second focused stage of consultation, which takes place over the coming week, starting with the event at Rye Lane Baptist Chapel tomorrow.

Hoping to see some of you tomorrow!

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Stage 2 consultation: outline design for discussion

Please find below a flyer detailing the next stage of the Peckham Rye Station Area consultation process. It can also be accessed in pdf format via this link: Stage 2 flyer. Since the last concentrated set of activity in November 2013 the design team have been working on outline design proposals. This next stage will focus on discussion of these.
Stage 2 flyer
The main drop-in event will take place on Saturday 18th January at Rye Lane Baptist Chapel, from 11am to 5pm. (Please note that there is a presentation at 3pm for those who appreciate a more ‘public meeting’ type format.) However, we will also be out ‘in the open’ in Peckham Square on the afternoon of Monday 20th January with the aim of reaching a broader spread of people. The display and feedback forms will be available at Peckham Library after the event, and, as ever, all information will also be accessible online here.
We received an incredible response to the first pre-design stage, in terms of both number of responses and detail provided. This included over 150 completed feedback forms, as well as 34 other submissions in other formats. This has proved a very useful resource that we know others will also find of interest. As well as providing a summary of feedback at the next stage, we will therefore also be posting a report here shortly that goes into more detail.
As ever, do please contact me with any questions via this blog, at or on 020 7739 9950. I hope that everything should be clear from the flyer.
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‘Interactive’ boards from Saturday’s event

As suggested, please find below images of the two boards on which direct comment or decision-making was requested by community participants on Saturday. We felt that it might be interesting for those completing the form remotely to see what people said on the day. (The images are hi-res so you can zoom in to read the text.)


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Event 1 display and feedback forms

Thanks to everyone who attended the event at the station today. Over 150 people came and contributed their views, which was fantastic.

As promised, please find attachments below to (i) the display boards from today and (ii) the feedback form.

Please note that it is not a whizzy interactive form! I’m not that techy (yet!). So you should either simply write your answers in an email to me, or if you have the facility to do so, print off a copy and (i) scan it an email it, or (ii) post it to me c/o AOC, 49 Columbia Rd, London, E2 7RG. Email is perfect for me though! I can always be reached on 020 7739 9950 with any questions or comments.

The ‘official deadline’ for returning forms to me to make it into the Event 1 report is end Saturday 7th December. However, comment is welcome on an ongoing basis.

I’ll be back tomorrow to pop up some photos of today’s event including the boards that people wrote and stuck dots on (at the suggestion of a community member) as we think people would find the answers interesting.

Thanks again! Daisy

Peckham Rye Station – Event 1 FINAL 291113_A3

Event 1 Feedback Form_FINAL

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Event 1 today!

Just to let people know that, following today’s event, we will be uploading the display materials and feedback form to this blog this evening to allow ongoing comment. Thanks!

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